Welcome to BEATFRAME

When we first entered the music business, we knew we wanted to give something back to all of the independent DJs out there. We've always felt it shouldn't be resources that can make or break a DJ. If you have talent and are willing to work hard, why shouldn't you be able to fulfill that life long dream of spinning the decks on the big stages or have your track top the charts?
Our response, back in 2008, was a new social network (atlast.fm) focused on DJs and their music. With this social network we have aimed to give the best upcoming DJs a chance by hosting contests where the best were offered a spot as the support act at our club events. Since then we have seen a lot of talent make their way onto the big stages, supported by our company from day one.

Now however we have arrived in a new era, where internet has vastly taken over many of the concepts and business models we used to call the music industry. Your local record store has been absorbed by big online music stores while new platforms to promote yourself and your music are skyrocketing!
This potentially could mean a breakthrough for any upcoming DJ, but with internet's greatly increasing accessibility, it is inevitably that more DJs sign up for these services every day. This means the market gets fragmented and cluttered with your colleagues more and more every day.
So now it seems a new problem has arrived. Only the DJs with the best social skills and prettiest websites have a chance of ascending the masses and continue to follow their dream.

As a response to this problem, we are now continuing our mission to take money, resources, and social presence out of the equation. This way you can get back to focusing on what matters most: your talent!
To deliver all the tools you need to set up and maintain your career, we have created BEATFRAME. This tool bundels everything you need, like building a professional website, managing your bookings, overseeing advanced statistics and more. But you'll also be able to upload automatically to soundcloud, twitter, facebook, and more, to optimise your marketing potential.
So with great pleasure we invite you to start managing your career, using our brand new platform. And the best thing is, it's free and will always remain free. So request an invite and start buidling.

- Sascha de Jong, founder, @Last! Media

BEATFRAME announced features:

- Create your own website by modifying advanced themes or create it yourself from the ground up.
- Organise the layout of your website exactly as you see fit, by adding/removing apps and moving them around.
- See advanced statistics of your website and it's visitors.
- Easily share your biography, discography and press kits.
- Advanced contact forms and booking forms that guide promoters through your booking process.
- Timed news publication, so you can share news items with your fans, by posting them on your website, facebook and twitter when you want it.
- Sell merchandise right on your website.
- Multi-language out of the box, currently supporting English and Dutch (with future support planned for Spanish, German and French).

- Upload your tracks/releases and share them via your website, facebook apps, twitter and soundcloud (auto upload).
- Track people clicking through to online music stores from your website, facebook and soundcloud tracks.
- See who played your sounds and when (country, city).
- Add sounds to your discography.

- Manage your bookings with our strong booking engine, developed and used and ironed out by our own agency for years.
- Get alerted when bookings are coming in from your website, facebook apps or widgets right away.
- Send out contracts and organise documents and info within your own secured enviroment.
- Automatically push finallized bookings to your own agenda, website, facebook, twitter and even soundcloud.

All features mentioned above are subject to change and may not be available in the beta. Note: We're still in the process of announcing new features and creating new features, so this list will expand in the future.